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Services that we provide you
What we can do for you
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On site support & installations

As a professional communication support and IT company the team at Amcomp understand the importance to treating you well and delivering you a service that guarantees results. Following the installation of a new network or even content filtering for web pages, Amcomp will remain in contact with you and your business ensuring ongoing support is always available and delivered when and where necessary. In addition to this, reliable and trusted support is always available around the clock.

We have over 20 years experience of working with a variety of companies from small independents to large national companies with numerous branches / offices. Because we talk your language – not computer-speak – we have found that anyone in a business, from MD down, is comfortable dealing with us.

On top of all this spectacular support a friendly Amcomp team member will always be available to deal with issues 24/7; and if this isn’t enough for you and your company an engineer will arrive on site within 24 hours from the receipt of the call.

Internet & data connectivity

If high speed connectivity is what you’re after then Amcomp is your answer!

Our speciality team have the ability to install networks, provide broadband connections, leased lines and point to point connections (BT, Virgin Media) and even provide disaster recovery solutions.

We understand you may not quite understand all that technical language but even so, an Amcomp team member would be more than willing to step out of the office and pay you a visit. With a vast choice of broadband suppliers on the market today it can be so difficult to make the right choice for your business. We make the process as easy as can be. Not only will you have the chance to meet a friendly member of staff, but throughout the day, you will increase your knowledge on internet and data connectivity and lead us to gaining a true understanding of what exactly your business is after.

Once we know you and your business we can carefully choose the best service to be delivered directly to you.

Phone systems, voice & SIP

Do you require a system set in place to deliver the best form of communication to your customers? Ensure you never miss a vital call or opportunity again with Amcomp’s phone system and installation service; in addition to delivering just an exceptional phone system to suit any business, Amcomp also offer a competitively priced service to suit your budget too. With a choice of phone and broadband bundles, no matter what the size of your company you will receive impressive results.

Not only can Amcomp install a brand new telephone system, but you’ll also be in touch with a technical expert to remove or replace any old and outdated systems. Once an agreement is reached for the installing of the best solution to meet your company requirements, then this correct choice can deliver huge results in the form of increasing and improving communication between team members and customers and even to boosting your sales.


Standard IP PBX

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Compact IP PBX

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Cat5e & Cat6e data cabling

Are you debating what wires are needed to get connected? Which cable is best, what goes where? It can easily get very confusing but with some expert advice from the Amcomp team, you’ll find a solution. You may think that installing a brand new system will deliver huge results, but if the data cables are not in the best condition you won’t see too much of an improvement. Amcomp provides an outstanding service to install Cat5e and Cat6e data cabling.

Not everybody is a networking expert and with such a vast choice of networking cables available we understand it’s so easy to get lost in all the wires!
Our fully trained network engineers can install your entire network cabling at a competitive cost whatever size your business may be.

Hardware supply & PC’s

Amcomp are not tied to any specific brand, so we can advise and install the most suitable hardware or PC to deliver the best and most effective results for you and your company. A complete hardware management system is set up by the professional team of Amcomp engineers, ensuring that you’re never left stranded, even after installation. All the team are extremely helpful and friendly and you’ll never be recommended any hardware that is not right for your business – just the most suited for your company.

In addition to supplying desktop and laptop computers, servers, printers, thin clients and other important hardware, Amcomp can also install Microsoft Windows and brilliant anti-virus software to ensure your systems are up and running safely.

Web hosting & email hosting

Do you need somewhere secure to host your website?

As the World Wide Web is huge, your business website needs caring for and to be hosted in a safe and secure location. Amcomp ensures that your company site runs smoothly and stays live to ensure your connections are up and running with those all important customers. As we certainly understand the importance of customer loyalty we strive to deliver the best service by always being on standby, to advise you of any problems with your website or of course being available on the end of the phone in case you need that little bit of extra help.

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